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Lovin’ Dubai: Why I Can’t Live Anywhere Else!

Dubai has essentially ruined me! It’s fast approaching 2 years since we began our expat journey (where has the time gone?) and thinking about our future I have come to the conclusion I can’t live anywhere else. Why? Because since moving to the Dubai we have been spoilt in every way possible:  

1/ Fabulous Weather

It is sunny 365 days a year…OK admittedly for half of that it’s just too darn hot to venture outside! But there is a lot to be said for the daily boost of endorphins you get from just opening the curtains to sunshine every day and nothing beats the “winter months” weather wise, BBQ’s in the desert, activity days at the beach and lazy days around by the pool.

2/ Tax-free Income

Aside from other Middle Eastern Countries you would be hard pushed to find a better salary then those on offer in the UAE. With Tax-free incomes and packages which can include health care, annual plane tickets to your home country, education allowances and housing allowances  it’s no wonder people come and stay as long as feasibly possible. Although with the high price of living and sheer number of cool things to do out here no one ever saves as much as they would like!   

2/ You want it, you got it……at any time of the day to any location!

You can get anything and I mean anything delivered to you at any time of the day and to any location (if you can pin-it on google maps its fair game!).  Fancy a pizza or coffee on the beach? It’s just a click away (one note of caution don’t assume everyone driving onto the beach on a scooter is your Deliveroo driver….we have had a number of embarrassing incidents when friends have waved down scooter drivers for their coffee orders only to discover the chap was just coming to enjoy the beach too!).

3) Everything is on steroids!

Dubai is home to the brightest the biggest and the tallest. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, The Dubai Fountains outshine and out-dance those of the Bellagio in Las Vegas and the Burj Al Arab is the world’s only 7* hotel. The UAE holds 100’s of Guinness World Records from the largest cup of hot tea to the biggest picture frame…..who said size doesn’t matter?!

4)  Ridiculously cheap fuel delivered to your door!

The price of fuel is insanely cheap not to mention you never need to fill up yourself; just drive into the service station, sit back and drive out again. If the thought of even driving to a petrol station makes you hot under the collar then fear not! We have an app for that too….one click will have a mobile petrol station to your location in minutes, be it your villa, the office, a park or the beach (I seriously did mean anything delivered to you anywhere).

 5) Cultural Diversity

Dubai is a true International melting pot, boasting residents from all over the world. Inviting your friends over for a BBQ is like hosting a United Nations Summit and we love nothing more than learning about different cultures and celebrating different cultural festivals. Ramadan, Thanks Giving, Diwali, Christmas…we are all over it!

 6) We are no longer impressed with a regular sports car.

Porches, Ferreira’s and Lamborghinis no longer elicit even a sideways glance unless they are customised to within an inch of their life……gold plated Lamborghini on the school run, now you’re talking (and can see outside our children’s school on a regular basis!)

7) We have the cleanest public toilets.

Most of the public toilets in Dubai are pristine, with bidets, bum guns, no shortage of toilet paper and staff keeping them mopped and shiny 24/7. I say most because there are one or two that fall decidedly below par and should certainly be avoided at all costs but the majority you could safely eat in.  

8) Stunning Sky Line

What it lacks in greenery (although I must admit it is far greener than I expected on arrival) it more than makes up for in extravagant, opulent and gravity-defying architecture. Dubai’s skyline is simply stunning, especially when you consider you’re in the desert and it’s all built on sand! Where else can you lie on a beach gazing at the tallest tower in the world?

So there you have it, my very first world problem, now that I have experienced Dubai I can’t imagine going back …. to anywhere, it seems! When we no longer call the UAE home are we destined to be wondering Nomads forever, always searching for the next best thing and always coming up short…watch this space but let’s hope not! After all there is a beautiful world out there with so much to offer!

Stay Busy

Stay in Dubai

Love Emms

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  1. Glad it’s all you hoped for and more Emma.? We will always miss you in our very humble and poxy little house in our very dull and boring village of Haydon Bridge ?

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