When you’ve embarked on a new adventure, and you’re far from home, right out of your comfort zone, how do you find out what to do to make life easier?  Expat blogs of course! Well not any expat blog.  Most are filled with the samey samieness of how to find a house, a school, a haidresser, in a very robotic, this-in-my-opinion-is-the-only-way, preachey, patronising style.

Well not this one.

Oh no, we’re not here to give you our opinion, or are we?  Well actually what you’ll find in our blogs is what actually happens to us, what we find works, what doesn’t.

We probe deep, balls deep,  into the soft underbelly of expat life, and sift through the dirt of the unspoken traumas and fears and myths and legends.

No filters.

It’s a fun ride, but a real one.

Join us:  Emma, Jill and Kat, and let us help path the way to conquering a busy expat life with grace, flair and little bit of gin dribbling down your chin.


Got a burning question?  Email us at sobusy@expatwivesbusylives.com



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