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The 30-Day Challenge That Wasn’t

Recently I had the depressing realisation that I do nothing everyday yet still can’t find the time to do anything…

And after wallowing in my self-pity for a short time I had an Epiphany:  Busy people get things done. I need to become a busy person.

Enter stage left: My 30-Day Challenge!

I have to be honest here, this is not my first attempt at undertaking a 30-day challenge, I’ve had definite issues in the past with staying the course.  This time, however, it was going to be different.


My other attempts were whilst living in the UK, running my own company, and looking after two kids.  Since moving to Dubai and jumping feet first into my new ‘expat wife’ life, I’ve more than enough time and none of the excuses!

Having recently enjoyed dipping my toe into Yoga, what better way to start than with 30 Days of Yoga from Yoga with Adriene? I had high hopes a solid yoga grounding would give me the Zen-like mentality to stick at other challenges in the future as well.

Win, Win.

Energised  from my new found purpose I skipped off to Lululemon in Marina Mall (no self-respecting, true Dubai yummy mummy wears anything else.  Including those who have zero intention of doing any form of physical exercise), to purchase a new outfit and obligatory yoga mat.

Things turned a little sour 30 minutes later when my husband called. He’d received the-oh-so-irritating text notification from the bank that immediately made him think we had been robbed.

I patiently explained that no, I had in fact spent the money, and, appealing to the banker in him, explained he was making a sound investment in our future. Cue images in my head of becoming a YouTube yoga sensation, running mindfulness retreats in Dubai and offering Gong Meditation sessions on the side.  Lol!

I now had all the gear and a little idea, it was time to start.

Day 1 of the 30-Day Challenge

All going well for the first 24 minutes, and then the inevitable happened…

I quit!!!

This is by no means a reflection on Adriene and her Yoga (I really can’t recommend her videos enough) and all about my lack of staying power, unnerving ability to get distracted, and quitting mentality.  A bit of You Tube surfing later and one minute into another Yoga video (Vinyasa flow this time) I had a strong word with myself:

Why did you quit so soon?

Get a grip!

FFS you were probably almost finished the session!

So I found the clip again, fast-forwarded to where I had left it, and sure enough, I was only 10 minutes from the end!

With a wry smile I pressed play, got back into downward dog and really enjoyed the rest of my practise. Maybe my yogi resolve is already strengthening!

Let us know in the comments below what challenges you have taken on, successfully or not, to help fill your day, enhance your life and give yourself a purpose.

Stay Classy.

Stay Busy.

Love, Emma xxx


P.S. As for the rest of my 30-Day Challenge?  Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out…

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