There's Busy... Then There's Dubai Busy

Sparkly, Bubbly, and Skippy

Right, so there’s one left in the Expat Wives Busy Lives Team that we want you to know more about. Our sparkly, bubbly, skippy (skippy?? read on) Brit, Jill.

The one thing you can’t fail to notice about Jilly, is her effervescent, sparkly personality. She is always laughing, (when she’s not saying ‘Shut the front door!’) and it’s totally infectious. She’s one of those rare people who just go about life with total equanimity (yup – breaking out the big words today!), staying cool, calm, and collected in any situation, but sprinkling a bit of humour into it. Must be that hostie training.

When she’s not flying the skies, keeping travelers safe and dishing out “coffee or tea?”, and “chicken or fish?”, you’ll most likely find her working out at the gym, skipping makes her happy, and she certainly looks amazing because of it. Or she’s dreaming up something awesome for dinner – usually involving eggs and masala.

She throws some pretty mean shapes on the dance floor, enjoys her bubbles in a glass, and she’s a cracker at different accents. So many talents, so busy!

Welcome to the world of Jill…

City or Beach Break?

Beach, beach, beach

How long have you been married?

18 years

What’s your idea of a great night out?

Dancing, dancing, and more dancing. All night.

Movie or Box Set?

Box set – ’24’ is my fav

What’s your earliest memory?

Being in Germany, I was about 4-years-old, we went down a salt mine on a train.

When was the last time your kids embarrassed you?

My kids are pretty good and haven’t really done anything major, a few tantrums in the supermarket but isn’t that normal?!

What is your favourite holiday to date?

The family holiday we took to Zanzibar. We did so much and the kids got to see a very different way of life. It was ‘back to basics’ and we had to make our own fun.

State or Private School?


What would you like to change about yourself?

My tattoo. I want to get rid of it. It was fun at the time, but…

What were your first impressions of Emma and Kat?

Emma – those lovely, long legs! So jealous.

Kat – crazy cool, and doesn’t give a shit!

So there you have it. The triad of Expat Wives. There are others in our ‘immediate family’, but they’re a secret for now…

The thing about being an expat is the friendships you make happen very fast and are very intense. There is less time to cultivate a relationship as you never know if the next day will be your last in the country. Life is so transient. But it makes for some great parties and for some life-long friendships around the world.

What are your thoughts on friendships? Tell us in the comments.

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