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For the last few months we have been sharing our musings but, “Who are the girls behind the blogs?!” we hear you shout (or maybe not, but for the purpose of our next blog we are going to pretend you are interested and do give a damn!).

What better way to introduce ourselves and lift our veils than some totally random rapid fire question.

First in the spotlight… She’s sassy, always classy, and certainly not for the faint-hearted, it’s published author and salon guru Kat Smith. Kat’s no stranger to expat living, a Kiwi, she has travelled the world living in the UK, Qatar and now Dubai. You’re most likely to find Kat pushing her body to the limit in the gym, working on her soon-to-be-released children’s Arabic book or dancing the night away at one of Dubai’s hottest nightspots.

OK let’s go…

City or Beach?

City – I don’t do sand!

How long have you been married?

24 years

Boxset or Movies?

Movies-I love escapism. My favourite is ‘Love Actually’, but only just ahead of ‘Amelie’.

Perfect night out? Friends, alcohol, dancing and the occasional headstand oh alright lots of headstands!!! All without the dreaded hangover.

What’s your first childhood memory?

I was 3 and in hospital for an eye operation. Having had the operation I refused to open my eyes, I guess I was just too scared. My Grandma showed up and successfully bribed me to open them with the biggest, shiniest, red apple I have ever seen.

When have your children embarrassed you the most?

We were on a bus in London and H, my daughter, loudly asked, “Why is that woman so fat?” I wanted the seat to swallow me whole!

What’s your best holiday yet?

A family holiday to Jordan…it was fucking amazing! Beautiful, lovely people, incredible scenery and a rich history yet coupled with such controversy: A very visible army everywhere and big guns!

Private or state school?


What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

I want longer legs, not much longer, just another 2 inches. At the minute all my legs are good for is keeping my arse of the ground.

What were your first impressions of Emma and Jill?

I thought Emma was glamorous, graceful and accomplished with an air of confidence.

I first saw Jill across a room wearing a white dress (details are important) laughing and joking. I realised I had followed her (actually her butt) through Carrefour, the day before, all the time thinking I want that arse!!!

Given the chance what would you ask Kat?

Let us know in the comments below. You may even get an answer, although all woman need some secrets!


Stay sassy.

Stay classy. 


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