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Leggy & Legless!

Welcome back to Expat Wives Busy Lives Friday blog.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks! ‘Schools out’ and the expats are leaving the dusty city to escape the peak of the Summer heat.  Our Sassy, classy Kat has hit New Zealand with a bang. She’s had to dig out the Winter woollies for cooler climes. I’m (Jill) in the UK, Wiltshire to be precise.  The sun has been shining over the lush green countryside and the air is fresh and crisp. Just perfect for now although I’m sure the rain is on the way, after all it wouldn’t be a British Summertime without it?! And Emms is still braving the Dubai Summer, although not for long!

In our last blog we told you lots of fun facts about the original ‘Naughty Girl,’ Kat.

This week its the turn of our favourite Northern chica, Emma. Orginally from Northumberland in the UK (that’s as far North as you can get before hitting Scotland) she has taken to life in Dubai like a ‘duck to water’ or rather ‘booze to a pub’. Our stylish, hot mama, with luscious long legs to die for (no joke they go on for miles!) is the queen of brunch, life & soul of the party and knows how to bust some moves on the dancefloor and at Bootcamp.  This girl does a mean Burpee!

So, here is our rapid-fire Q&A with our favourite Northerner.


City or Beach?

City…with a beach attached! Dubai is a win win.

How long have you been married?

12 Years

Boxset or Movie?

Boxset, Billions is my FAV…..I’m a teeny bit obessed with Damian Lewis!

Perfect night out?

Drinking with friends.

What is your first childhood memory?

I once pinched a packet of seeds from a Boots store…I remember it falling out of my coat pocket in the car and my dad dragging me back to the shop to apologise. I was only 4, please forgive me!

When have your children embarrassed you the most?

My daughter once asked her Dad very loudly ‘why is the man in the chip shop dressed as a woman?’ It was infact a woman, queue red faces all round. I dread to think what she did to our chips!

What is your favourite holiday to date?

Honeymoon for sure. Safari in Tanzania and exploring the sights, smells and sounds of Zanzibar. I was quite emotional and actually cried.

Private or state school?

State school.

What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

I’d have my ears pinned back and I would also change my thumbs…it looks as if they have been bashed flat, although they do come in useful if I need a spoon. (Em’s that’s 2!)

What were your first impressions of Kat & Jill?

I thought Kat was very serious the first time I met her, by the second meeting, however, she had completely blown all my preconceptions out of the window.  She is our original ‘Naughty Girl’ after all!!!

I met Jill on day 1 of school.  She was smiley, friendly and after I had dropped the kids off asked me to join her for coffee.  I couldn’t help but think, thank F**k someone is talking to me!!!

It has been 18 months since we met each other, how time flies when you are having FUN and boy, we have had FUN. Countless coffee’s, meaningless babble, endless evenings of laughter with fizz and espresso martini’s a plenty.  Let’s raise a glass to friendship, life is after all, better with friends.


We’d love to hear your stories of friendship, good or bad. Please leave your comments below.

Stay stylish.

Stay busy.


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